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How we started

 After years in the integration, sales, and distribution business for name brand products and services and research on how to provide a reliable led product for our customers, we decided to branch out and create our own LED panel, that is robust, affordable, and can bring a good ROI for integrators, production companies, and the overall end user business needs.

Heart & Hands

Our Promise


We offer a 3 Year Warranty and Support based right here in the United States of America. Our focus is to help those setting up these walls from the House of Worship locations converting from Projectors to LED WALLS, all the way to the Dealers, Techs, and Installers setting up our walls in the field, for their digital signage, or on their live production.  


Why IDS?


We have worked and still work day to day, just like you, on live productions, installs, and broadcast production projects. With that being said, we know what YOU want when it comes to an all around GREAT LED VIDEO WALL. We will continue to be in the field learning the latest and greatest products and commit to supporting you on your setup and usage of our products while providing the best possible pricing so that you and your team can have the best of both worlds. 


Value for your Money

Quality of service and support is invaluable. We strive on providing not only excellent customer service but also a quality product that will last beyond the 3-Year Warranty and Service Period. Great Service and Excellent Quality is worth every penny.

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