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Technical Notice for Mac Users


As of v3.5.3, Nova SmartLCT for MAC is no longer able to detect NovaStar controllers or video processors connected via USB. This is due to newly implemented security features released in MacOS Big Sur or Later that prevent important USB drivers from being installed in order to detect NovaStar hardware. At this time, Mac users will not be able to configure their LED screen via Software.


To ensure our users receive the best possible support experience, BCP strongly advises users to use a Windows PC (Windows 10 or later) with NovaLCT in order to configure their LED screens. NovaLCT provides complete access to all functions and powerful features available within the NovaStar Control system. This should also apply to users who have purchased an all-in-one controller that allows for screen configuration via the onboard menu. NovaLCT software contains important functionalities for diagnostics, monitoring, calibration, or RCFG functions, which can be critical in resolving technical difficulties in some instances.


Media playback from a Mac computer is still possible. However, with standard video display interface ports being removed from some new Mac hardware, an adapter can be required in order to connect to the processor or controller. Some consumer-grade, 3rd party USB-C-to-video interface adapters may not be compatible due to EDID; resolution; or colorspace conflicts, preventing an image or video from being displayed.


Users can access web- & browser-based interfaces such as VNNOX and H-Series web portal via Network or Cloud on any operating system.


Systems operating on Taurus series multimedia players may only be configured and managed via Windows PC.


If you currently use an older version of macOS and/or SmartLCT that is able to detect NovaStar hardware, please refrain from updating your operating system or SmartLCT version to preserve this functionality. However, please note that newer processor models released after SmartLCT v3.5.3 may not be supported.


NovaStar, an industry-leading control system provider for LED video displays, is continuously updating its software and interfaces to provide the best possible experience for its users despite this limitation. It’s important to note that the Mac compatibility limitation affects all LED video displays industry-wide that operate on the NovaStar control system.


We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. To better serve you, please have a Windows PC prepared when you seek technical support or remote training.


Continue to check this page periodically for any additional updates.

For any additional questions or concerns, please email

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