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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose LED over Projector? LED's not only have better quality of picture (when choosing proper pixel pitch and size of screen for your need), it has lower cost in the long term than a projector as well as longer lifespan.

Are your panels made in America? We currently source the main componets for our panels from China, however we manufacture, rigoursly quality inspect and test the wall packages here in our facility in the state of Missouri, in United States of America. Our R&D team is putting together the specs for a future generation of panels that will be 100% built here in the United States. Sourcing the Lamps, Receiving Cards, and Controllers are currently industry standard to be a NovaStar of which we are a direct dealer and use their products for our panels and walls.

How close should my audience be to the wall? TThe minimum viewing distance of your audience will depend on the pixel pitch of your panels: P1.99mm: 6 ft. P2.97mm: 8 ft. P3.91mm: 10 ft. P4.81mm: 15 ft.

Can add to my LED wall later? The short answer is no. The reasoning behind this is because the modules that are installed in the panels are made in a batch. The next order of panels you add in order to add on could be a different batch, causing color issues. Is it possilbe? Yes but it would require getting the same panels that were made on the batch you have which may be close to impossible but you never know we may still have those panels in stock.

What form of install do I need? 1) Flown Method (rigging): These are the most common and the flybars are included in the video wall packages. There are however certain requirements that need to be in place in order to fly a screen. Most importantly, there needs to be ample structural support in the ceiling to hold the total weight of the screen. When someone says they want to “Fly” an LED screen, that means the screen will be rigged to either an overhead truss system, a ceiling grid, a crane, or some other support structure from above. 2) Ground Support Installation: This method system is a combination of a base-unit, connection bar, and ladder truss that creates a very stable system to support your LED screens in various configurations and offers flexibility in height as well as width. 3) Wall Mounted: Some panels can be drilled and mounted into the wall. This is a great option if you’re looking for an aesthetically clean look with easy maintenance features, but it will be an additional cost.

What kind of warranty do you offer? Our warranty is included in the overall price. We offer a 3-year warranty on all of our LED Wall panels. Check out our warranty link above to see specifics.

Why choose IDS over the competition? An LED Video Wall is a large purchase and we understand that, however in the world of electronics there are unvariables that are outside of our control. SO... We not only assemble the parts and quality inspect them here at our warehouse in the state of Missouri BEFORE we send them to you, we also carry the components for your specific led panel in stock for the duration of the period your warranty. This gives you a fast turnaround for getting the parts/service you need.

How do I calculate 16:9 screen resolution? Since LED panels aren't perfectly built to a rounded up inch or foot for that matter, we look at the total size we need wide before we look at tall in order to calculate a perfect 16:9 screen resolution. For example: 8X5, 12X7, 19.7X11.5 is the closest you can get to true 16:9 and will give you clearest picture on your video without scaling your image or creating your own custom graphics. you can also calculate 16:9 at sites such as this:

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No Worries! Contact us with any questions you might have. We will be glad to answer and assist you in choosing the right LED WALL for your needs. 

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